Dr. Berry’s List of 11 Benefits of Keto

What makes Keto so darn impressive? That’s what so many of us want to know.

I know that I saw a couple people on my Facebook write about Keto this past year, and while I “liked” their post about weight loss and improvement in acne, I didn’t think much of it.

You see, I’m not a dieter. I’ve never been a dieter. I don’t do these popular things that sometimes pop up.

Then, of course, my husband, Will, comes home one day and declares, “we’re going Keto” and explains it in a way that I finally realize it’s not a fad thing. And, you know what, I didn’t have an argument for why not. Saying, “But I like the taste of sugar,” just didn’t cut it. So, after a little introduction from a couple of documentaries about the dangers of sugar and carbs and a little explanation from my husband, I decided to dive in alongside him.

This was something we would do together.

Today, about 2 ½ months later, I am down to 106 pounds, having lost 18 pounds. My husband is down 45 pounds and just ran his first 5K on Saturday, earning 2nd place in his age group for men. He has been running now for two weeks. The last time he ran before that was when he was in the Marines eight years ago! (As a side note, my husband I are both really short so these are normal BMI weights for our height.)

The reason I’m mentioning the above stats is that people are noticing. People are asking questions and wanting to know how to do what we have done.

Of course, I should just face it: really people are noticing my husband’s transformation more than mine.

Back about a month ago, one of our favorite cashiers at Food Lion had to do a double-take when he saw Will. So, there Will and I were trying to tell our cashier how to do Keto in the time it took to ring up our groceries. As you can imagine, that was not easy, and I doubt he remembered most of the info we spewed at him during that transaction. Of course, what Will and I would want from that experience is to light a match under him so that he can go and find the information he needs.

But see, what we’ve found is that most people we encounter don’t particularly want to do the research on their own, and I don’t blame them. We’re busy. We have so much going on. And most people don’t really understand how beneficial Keto can be for them. In fact, people have recently really only started to take us seriously once I posted some images of Will finishing his 5K. But the benefits of Keto had been happening long before he crossed that finish line.

This brings me to a video I watched this morning by Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube called “11 Ways the Ketogenic Diet Can Change Your Life“.

It seems like I am constantly trying to tell people about how Keto has improved various things for me, but they just don’t get it. And, since I’m no medical expert, I have a hard time explaining it. However, Dr. Berry puts it out there so succinctly. Plus, he is a doctor, a medical expert, who understands the science behind it all much better than I do.

And I need these videos to share with people in my life, whether they’re asking me for information or whether I’m trying to encourage them to clean up their eating habits. Either way, this video provides the inspiration that I, most of the time, fail to articulate.

Even more, I feel like I received some validation for what I had deemed the result of Keto. You see, I’m not crazy or just a fanatic as many people have claimed since I started Keto. A Keto diet has changed so many things for me, much more than just helping me shed some pounds.

Here is Dr. Berry’s list of Keto benefits (but seriously, go watch his video!):

1. Lower blood pressure

2. Slows down aging process

3. Join Pain and Inflammation

4. Decreases frequency of getting auto-immune diseases and helps if you have it

5. Improves Mood

6. Improves Heartburn

7. Curing non-alcoholic liver

8. Optimizes hormones

9. Controls your appetite

10. Acne

11. Weight loss

2 Replies to “Dr. Berry’s List of 11 Benefits of Keto”

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